Winter 2015 Newsletter


President Daphne Foulsham welcomed a packed hall of members to the 39th AGM , then Chairman Brian Deaville read his yearly report , which was briefly as follows:-

This year we have been very sorry to lose our new Treasurer Dennis Holmes whose sudden death shocked us all, then Vice President Alan Skelsey, and recently Jack Morris. Our Spring talk in March was by TV gardener Chris Beardshaw about a lost and re-found garden at Cranborne. The audience was spellbound – you could have heard a pin drop – when he spoke without notes for two hours.

The summer visit this year was to the wonderful setting of Hampton Estate. The gardens were amazing, from a huge border outside the walled garden, and inside neat rows of vegetables and fruit. Then tea on their terrace, overlooking the lakes.

The joint AGM and Quiz was again very popular and had even more teams taking part with the winners being Plant Heritage.

Thank you to all the clubs with websites or newsletters who are using these to advertise Surrey Federation events. Please continue to let your club members know about the contents of our Newsletters so they can find out what the Federation is doing. In the days of dwindling numbers in some clubs, maybe it’s a good idea to keep close contact with other nearby clubs. The Flower Shows are the best way for clubs to advertise themselves, so please support your own shows and even if you can only put in a couple of items they will help make a good display. Many thanks to all the committee and everyone else who worked so hard on all the above events.

Treasurers Report.

A copy of the audited accounts was circulated, and the President said that the Acting Treasurer would try and answer any questions. Katharine reported that the Federation currently has £4,331.78 in hand. The total Income for the past year was up to £3,033.50 made up of subscriptions and donations from clubs, entrance fees for lectures and raffles. Expenditure was £2,164.58 so the net result was a surplus of £868.92 over the year. Yet again no increase in subscriptions is proposed for 2015. A question was asked about why the affiliation costs were so much higher in 2014 than 2015, and Kathy explained that this was because the Judges and Lecturers Lists are only bought every other year, so no costs for this in 2015, but it will be higher in 2016. The President said that the books had kindly been audited by John Manches of Elstead and it was hoped that he would be able to continue this for the next year.

Election of Officers and Council Members.

The President said that Brian Deaville had been Chairman since 2012, but he was finally stepping down. She said that the Council had recommended that he was offered the post of Vice President and that he had accepted. We luckily have a new volunteer for the post of Chairman – Richard Tabor from Ewhurst who was elected. Secretary Janet Arm is still in the midst of her term of office. Treasurer. Katharine Deaville had been co-opted as Acting Treasurer but was elected as a full officer The other Council Members Roy Lomax, Pam Lomax, Anne Bradbeer, Nicky Cornell , Paul Yeoman and Barbara Boyse were all willing to stand again and elected en-bloc. John Brain however, has decided to retire for family reasons. Two new members had volunteered for the Council, Jane Swift from Witley and Beth Otway from Thursley and the N.V.S. Both were elected.

Secretary’s report on Future Events.

Our first event of the year will be the Spring Talk on Sunday 6th March when we have booked plantsman and broadcaster Tom Hart Dyke, with his talk ‘From Captivity to a Castle’. Tom was kidnapped when plant hunting in Columbia and told he would die, so to distract himself he dreamt of creating a World Garden at his ancestral home, Lullingstone Castle.

We are also trying to organise a summer Garden Visit, but it is very difficult to find a place which is not normally open to the public, is interesting to you all, and can cope with up to 100 cars! Venue now found – see following item!

Thank you to those who have paid their subscription early in order to get the new lists. Please could all clubs send me a copy of your events list as I use these to compile the Club Events items in the Newsletters.

Any other business.

Janet was delighted to announce that partially thanks to support from Federation clubs Bramshott and District had received a grant of £500 from Grassroots Giving towards a new website.


Following member Anne Adey’s suggestion, we have booked Sunday 7th August for a visit to Barnett Hill House, Wonersh. Put this in your diary now – full details in next newsletter!

2015 QUIZ

After the AGM a number of 17 terms took part in the quiz, and the winners were the Judges and Lecturers Guild, second were Onslow Village and Merrow in third place. These three teams were presented with their cheques, and the audience winners their prizes. Well done everyone, it was a really good afternoon!

Subscriptions/Surrey Horticultural Judges and Lecturers Guild Lists

If you haven’t already paid your 2016 subscription a copy Invoice is enclosed with this Newsletter, and the new Judges and Lecturers lists will be sent to you as soon as your subscriptions are received. New membership cards are also available now.

Do you know a Horticultural Judge or Lecturer who would like to be on either of these lists? If so, please ask them to contact Secretary Sheila Rapley on Tel: 01428-682149 or email:

Medicinal Plant Lectures 2016.

For those of you who are interested in medicinal plants, there are three day courses, with lectures and tours of the medicinal garden at the Royal College of Physicians on June 13th from or from Secretary Janet Arm.

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