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The Surrey Horticultural Federation (SHF) was formed in 1976, as an umbrella organisation to link together Gardening Clubs and Horticultural Societies across Surrey, and the surrounding areas.

The advantages of belonging to the Surrey Horticultural Federation are shown on the Benefits Tab, they include opportunities to connect with the Surrey Guild of Horticultural Judges and Lecturers (including access to their latest lists of judges and expert speakers).  Beth also has a list of Zoom or online speakers she has compiled for Surrey Horticultural Federation member clubs and societies and details of recommended speakers.  Members can enjoy talks by well-known gardeners, attend visits to local gardens and nurseries, and have the opportunity to take part in an Inter-Club Quiz.  Clubs that are members of the Surrey Horticultural Federation receive copies of the SHF Newsletter, which lists club events and other news.

There are currently around 100 clubs who are members of the SHF (you’ll find information about all of our clubs in the Club Members section).  If you are looking to join a gardening club, we are sure you will get a warm welcome from the committee and members of these friendly and welcoming gardening clubs.

The SHF is a non-profit making organisation run by a team of volunteers, who are dedicated to supporting those who are enthusiastic about horticulture.  This website advertises the events and talks held by the clubs, societies, and organisations, who are members of the Surrey Horticultural Federation.   The SHF helps gardening and horticultural organisations, who are based in Surrey and the surrounding areas, to keep in touch with other members of the gardening community.

Please note that if your club, organisation, company, or charity, is not a fully paid up member of the Surrey Horticultural Federation, then we will not advertise your events on our website.

Data Protection Act: The information provided by clubs will be held by the SHF Secretary for the Council and only used for SHF purposes such as Club Events in the Newsletter when only each club’s main contact’s name and telephone number will be shown. This also applies to the SHF website unless clubs have requested us to show an email address or put this on the events list themselves. In the event of clubs leaving the SHF, then their details will be held for a further 12 months only and then deleted. NO details will be given to outside companies or organisations.