Surrey Horticultural Federation Council

The Surrey Horticultural Federation Council are a dedicated team of volunteers who work together to run the Federation for the benefit of horticultural clubs and societies in Surrey.

Position Name Phone Number Club
President Mrs. Daphne Foulsham Albury
Vice-President Mr. Richard Tabor Ewhurst
Chairperson Mrs. Janet Arm 01252-783133 Tilford
Treasurer & Membership Secretary Ms. Katharine Deaville Elstead
Events & Website Secretary Ms. Beth Otway email Beth NVS, Thursley
Quizmaster Mr. John Negus Surrey Guild
Committee Mrs. Anne Bradbeer Onslow
Committee Mrs. Nicky Cornell Thursley
Committee Mr. Paul Yeoman Albury and Tilford
Committee Mr. Roy Lomax Jacobs Well
Committee Mrs. Pam Lomax Jacobs Well
Committee Mrs. Barbara Boyse Worplesdon
Committee Mrs. Jane Swift MilfordWitley

Contact Us

If you would like to contact the Surrey Horticultural Federation for advice, information about membership, or to submit an event from your organisation, please use this form: