Benefits of Membership of the Surrey Horticultural Federation

Annual Subscription gives your club these benefits:

Annual Subscription (due January 1st each year) is £10.00 per club per year.

  1. The fellowship of like-minded gardeners and horticulturalists in many walks of life from over 80 societies in and on the borders of Surrey. In addition there are other Federations throughout Britain to which we are linked.
  2. Participation on occasions throughout the year in activities which take place in local halls. These include illustrated talks, educational visits, an Inter-club quiz, and support for flower show classes.
  3. A Federation Newsletter which is produced at regular intervals, where you can advertise you own club events, and you can find out where Shows and events are taking place through the regular calendar of other societies activities.
  4. The close association which is enjoyed with the Surrey Guild of Judges and Lecturers. Member societies receive one copy free of the latest list of Show Judges, and one giving details of local Lecturers and their subjects.
  5. Advice and information where other speakers of high calibre may be reached.
  6. A list of member club’s secretaries is held by the Federation and issued annually to clubs so that other clubs may be reached.
  7. The S.H.F. is affiliated to the following specialist societies, with their accompanying benefits, including magazines from these societies at local events.
  8. S.H.F. Award of Merit Cards for your Flower Shows are available free of charge on request.
  9. S.H.F. Council Members are always willing to help societies on horticultural matters.
  10. Active participation in the organisation of the Federation by attendance at Annual General
  11. Meetings, details of which are given in the Newsletter.