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Sandhurst Gardening Club is very much alive and kicking!  Contrary to reports in both the spring and early summer 2019 newsletters, I am very pleased to say we have not folded but are continuing to grow – in the way of all gardening things.

When I contacted Janet to let her know that we are still going (and I understand it is in fact the Sunningdale Club that has closed – next to us alphabetically, hence the mistake), I was invited to write a little something about the club for the newsletter, so here goes.

I have in fact only been a member of the club for about 18 months now and it’s clear I have joined a very friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming club.  In fact, I have aspired to the dizzy heights of assistant club secretary.  Chris Dresler is the secretary proper and has been since the formation of the club back in 1963; in fact, she was one of the founder members.  Chris’ service to the club over the years is well known, as is Chris herself and in the manner of a very well-prepared lady she is grooming me to take over.  When the time comes for her hang up her spade I will be ready (hopefully) to step into her wellies!  If I can do half as good a job as she has done I will be pleased.

The club continues to thrive – we regularly have 80+ members attend club nights, coaches are full for trips and the shows are well supported – the recent Autumn Show having over 380 entries in 90 different classes.  We are a very active club with monthly meetings at the Sandhurst Memorial hall; we are also fortunate to have a very well stocked trading hut, offering members discounted and high-quality products.

As with all clubs though, new members are always welcome, whether beginners or experts – just come along to a club night or visit the trading hut on a Wednesday afternoon or Sunday morning. More details can be found on Sandhurst Gardening Club’s website, here’s a link.  Do come along – we would love to see you!
Julie Sheppard

If you’re interested in seeing Sandhurst Gardening Club’s events listed here – on the Surrey Horticultural Federation website, you can find them by clicking here.

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