Sanderstead Horticultural Society

Contact: Julie Caplin (Chair)

Phone: 07816 374 636


Originally formed in 1941, during the second world war at the time of the “Dig for Victory” campaign. This was the government sponsored initiative to encourage the nation to grow their own food and so help the war effort. The aim of the Society then was to promote the cultivation of gardens and allotments, hold lectures, exhibitions and competitions. Seventy-eight years later this is still very much what today’s Society tries to do.

Each year Sanderstead Horticultural Society hold five sessions when visiting speakers come to share their expertise with us, all on horticulturally related themes. Coach excursions to interesting gardens are organised and three traditional flower shows, all designed to foster an interest in growing flowers, fruit and vegetables, are held in the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Sanderstead Horticultural Society is particularly keen to attract beginners and young people to one of the most enjoyable and health promoting activities imaginable.

All of this for just £10 per household per year. What a bargain! Why not, join the SHS?

Upcoming events for Sanderstead Horticultural Society: