Woodham & New Haw Virtual Annual Open Show

Date: Sunday 6 September 2020

Club: Woodham & New Haw Horticultural Club

Contact: Louise Clubley

Phone: 07843 962421

Website: http://www.wnh-horticlub.co.uk


As we are unable to hold an Annual Show this year, we will instead be holding a virtual Show with photographic entries displayed on the Club website. This is a ‘fun’ competition so let your imagination run riot!
The Classes of entry are as follows:

Class 1: Selection of Vegetables on a Plate (max size 15”, Minimum 3 kinds)

Class 2: Selection of Fruit on a plate (max size 15”, Minimum 2 kinds)

Class 3: Pot Plant – House, any size pot

Class 4: Pot Plant – Garden, any size pot

Class 5: Pot Plant – Cactus or Succulent, any size pot

Class 6: One vase Specimen Rose

Class 7: Vase of mixed Garden Flowers

Class 8: Vase of mixed Garden Foliage

Class 9: Vase of three Dahlias – any one variety

Class 10: Hanging Basket of Flowers

Class 11: Floral Arrangement: ‘We’ll Meet Again’ Max width size 15”

Class 12: Photograph Local View (5 Miles Radius of New Haw Church Hall)

Class 13: Photograph Lockdown View

Class 14: One Item of Handicraft – any Medium

Class 15: Children’s entry ‘Animal magic’ made from Vegetables

Class 16: Children’s entry ‘My Hobby’


The Rules are as follows:
a. Entries are open to any Surrey resident – one photograph per person per class. Children’s Classes are for under 15s.
b. Entries can be sent at any time. The deadline for submission is 6.00pm on Friday 4th September 2020
Affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society
c. Classes 1-10 are to use produce from your garden/allotment/house. Class 11 is to use Natural Plant Material
d. Entries to be sent by email to wnhhorticlub@gmail.com with the photographs as jpeg attachments if possible. The email is to include the name and address of the sender.
e. A caption is optional – max 6 words per phot
f. All valid entries will be displayed on the Club website, with names and positions added after judging has taken place. If you wish to withhold your name, please make this clear in your email accompanying your entry
g. Judging will be carried out by two independent experts.
4. Be aware that emails are usually limited to 15Mb so depending on the resolution of your camera, multiple emails may be needed to cope with your entries. Please include an email number in the header if you are sending multiple emails.
5. For WNHHC members without a digital camera and/or internet access, please let us know and we can make arrangements to help you enter.
6. There is a over a month for you to prepare your entries – please start now and we look forward to receiving them!

Best wishes
David and Louise