Mount Grace Priory Gardens: a talk by Chris Beardshaw

Date: Thursday 10 March 2022

Club: Surrey Horticultural Federation

Contact: Ms. Beth Otway



At our Surrey Horticultural Federation Spring Talk, Chris will talk about his commission to redesign the 13 acre Arts & Crafts gardens at Mount Grace Priory, an English Heritage property in Yorkshire.  The public garden features terraces, dells, and glorious herbaceous borders. The talk will start at 14:30 on the 10th March 2022 at Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 2DD.

If you have tickets valid for this talk and are on the Extremely Vulnerable List the SHF will offer a refund, but refunds must be requested ASAP (by 28th February 2022 at the absolute latest). Reminder: tickets were originally sold for the Adam Frost talk, which was cancelled due to COVID – all the Adam Frost tickets are valid for Chris Beardshaw’s talk.

COVID Precautions
We want to keep you all safe, so we have a few requests to make of anyone planning to attend Chris Beardshaw’s talk:
• We would appreciate it if everyone who attends Chris Beardshaw talk would take a lateral flow test on the day of the event. If you test positive for COVID you should not attend.
• We also ask that anyone who is suffering from cold or flu symptoms please does not attend. If you feel unwell, or test positive for covid, have been in contact with someone with COVID in the last seven days please do not attend.
• We ask that all attendees wear a mask at all times, during the talk.
• On arrival please could you hand in written brief contact details (Name, Telephone or Email) so we
can contact you just in case anyone should develop COVID after the talk.
• We ask that if any attendee develops COVID in the seven days after the talk that they email me
ASAP or telephone Janet Arm (01252-783133) to let us know.
• We will be spacing chairs apart but encouraging those who have travelled together, live together,
or regularly see each other to sit together.
• We won’t be serving drinks or refreshments. Attendees are encouraged to bring drinks with them.
• There will be hand sanitisers – please use them.

Heads Or Tails
Instead of holding a raffle at this event we will be playing ‘Heads or Tails’. We have some lovely prizes for the top three winners. If you’ve not heard of Heads or Tails this is how the game works: All those wanting to take part pay £1 and stand up (NB: Please bring the correct change if you would like to play – attendees can play up to 3 times, so you may want to bring £3). Two people on stage toss a coin, and the audience are asked to guess which way the coin lands. If they think 2 heads, then audience members put both hands on their head, if they think 2 tails, then they put both hands on their rear end (tail!), and if they think one of each then one hand on their head, one on their tail. When all have chosen, the results of the toss are called. Audience members who guessed correctly remain standing and everyone else sits down; then we repeat the coin toss and keep guessing until we have found a winner.